Leiden – Maintenance and renovation projects AC

In this case, the client is an estate owner renting out several houses in Leiden. I’ve had the privilege to carry out several projects for them since 2007:
- maintenance and renovation of their private home:
2009: several timber work tasks, followed by exterior paint.
2011-2012: renovation and remodeling of part of the ground floor: tiling the entrance, corridor and toilets with cement tiles, tailor-made toilet door (identical to the original doors), shifting the toilet under the stairs, ancient toilet room converted to a storage room, replacement of two window / door frames on the rear facade, masonry, changes to electricity and water networks as well as sewage, changes in the separation window between entrance and corridor in order to foster daylight. All wood work made according to original profiles of the house.

- 2007/2009: taking over the management of a renovation project of a house whose foundations probably date from the 15th century. Consecutively to problems with the first contractor, followed by others with the city administration, it was necessary to start from scratch, beginning with a building permit, ground analyses coupled with a soil remediation plan,… The first phase of the project would be the demolition of the existing interior in order to make an assessment of the building’s state. Unfortunately, the structural problems were too gigantic and only the facade could be saved, making the project not cost-effective. It was abandoned.
- since 2007: maintenance of several rented houses: roofs, plumbing, electricity, paint, timber work, …