Leiden – Professorenbuurt – Extension and renovation

Realization of an extension in the backyard of a house bringing to the garden, and remodeling of the interior in order to increase the usable living space.
The house being only 4.2 meters wide (gross), the work would be organized around changing the following elements:
- extension of the main room to the back (2.5 meters deep), including a dome light on the roof of the newly created space.
- shifting the stairs going to the 1st floor: this original stairs went straight from the entrance to the 1st floor would be demolished. A toilet would replace it, and a new door made giving access to the living room. The new stairs would go from the living room to the floor turning two times 90 degrees to the left. The old toilet, located under the original stairs would disappear, bringing more space for the living room.
- shifting as well the kitchen 2.5 meters in an existing shed.
- the new stairs’ length being reduced, it would give the opportunity to remodel part of the first floor: the freed space was given to the rear bedroom.
All the wood work reproduces the original profiles, two new doors were tailor made for this purpose, as well as all mouldings.
Gain in living space: ± 18 % of the original.