Utrecht – Wittevrouwen – Maintenance house MLS

The owners of this house have decided to plan works one after another in order to maintain and remodel the building. The following works have been carried out over several years:
2011: Renovation of the ground floor. Installation of a new kitchen, making an opening to grant access to the cellar, optimization of the water installation, new insulated ceiling in the dining room and living room, inside insulation of the blind facade, optimization of the electricity network in order to make it fit the standards and allow the installation of new solar panels.
2009: Maintenance of the blind facade. We first made a cement based strip, 2 meters high. The left portion of the stone work has then been cleaned, impregnated / soaked before being painted.

2008: Installation of a new kitchen door opening to the courtyard, insulation glazing.
2007: Replacing the window frame and windows on the front facade, ground floor. In order to fit the classical style, we chose to replicate the wooden profiles prevailing in the area. Interior finishings. Replacing all openings (windows) from simple glazing to insulation glazing.